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B.Tech in Aviation Engineering Including Commercial Pilot License with Training in USFA, USA

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 8:03 PM

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK) - Apply for 4-year B.Tech (Aviation Engineering) including Commercial Pilot License(CPL) Training in USFA, USA

Admission into Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUK) for 4-year International Dual B.Tech Degree in Aviation Engineering and Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot with Multi Engine, Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Ground Instructor Advanced and Instrument rating, by USFA, Texas, USA

General Information
1. GENERAL: (1) 4-year International Collaborative Dual Degree Program with US Flight Academy, Texas, USA is designed for the advantage of Student Community through which students can acquire all the following Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates:
01. B.Tech. (Aviation Engineering) by JNTUK, Kakinada after 4 years of total study in India and USA.
02. Private Pilot Licence (PPL) by USFA, USA after completion of 3 months of Training at USFA, Texas.
03. Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with Multi Engine by USFA, USA after completion of 18 months of Training at USFA, Texas.
04. Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Ground Instructor Advanced & Instrument rating, by USFA, Texas, USA, after 21 Months of study at JNTUK & USA.
05. Associate of Applied Science ( Professional Pilot Degree) by USFA, USA after 4 years of study in India and USA.
This 4-year B.Tech.(Aviation Engineering) and other degrees are recognized globally through USFA, a US Government recognized Flight Academy of International Standards serving since 23 years and JNTUK, Kakinada, an AICTE and UGC recognized and funded Government University, established as an Institution in 1946.  (2) Applications for admission will be processed jointly by JNTUK and USFA .(3) There will be no provision for students to discontinue the studies in the middle of the program and claim alternative degree.  (4) Admissions are all purely provisional and the University reserves the right to cancel the admission at any stage.


(1) USFA has 14 Aircrafts available for world-class training (Single engine, Multi-engine, Turbine engine, Aerobatic flights). (2) Student can convert his/her study Visa to Working Visa within these two years of stay at Texas. (3) Job assurance for top 10 students out of 16 students trained by USFA. (4) The training required for Conversion of FAA licence to DGCA licence, will be facilitated by USFA and JNTUK both. (5) As all licences and Certificates issued by USFA are recognized by  FFA, the student has credibility and eligibility for jobs all over the world.

Last Date for Submission of Application along with DD of Rs 1000   :  28 June 2011
Date of Entrance Test   :  30 June 2011 (Thursday)
Announcement of Result (Posted in web site)   :  01 July 2011 (Friday)
Date of Admission Counseling – First Phase: JNTUK, Kakinada (Tuition Fee to be paid)  :  04 July 2011 (Monday)
Commencement of Class work at JNTUK, Kakinada  :  11 July 2011 (Monday)

Important Contacts: For any details regarding Application Form or admission into JNTUK, Kakinada visit:

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