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Work for IndiGo on A320 family / A330/ A340 Aircrafts

Thursday , Posted by AME at 7:39 AM


IndiGo, the youngest and fastest growing airline in India is looking for Indian National Pilots in the following categories.
IndiGo is committed to high professional standards, offering excellent career growth opportunities, long term commitment, rewards for Captains, and attractive days ON/OFF roster patterns for Captains and focused on improving pilot’s quality of life.

A320 Type Rated Indian Pilots


      Minimum Total Flight Time:   3000 hrs.
      Minimum Pilot-in-Command Flight time on A320 family / A330/ A340 Aircraft: 300 hrs
      Maximum Age: 62 years

      Senior Co-pilots

      Minimum Total Flight Time:   2000 hrs.
      Minimum Co-pilot Flight time on A320 family / A330 / A340 Aircraft: 500 hrs
      Maximum Age: 55 years


      Minimum Total Flight Time:   700 hrs.
      Minimum Co-pilot Flight time on A320 family / A330 / A340 Aircraft: 300 hrs
      Maximum Age: 35 years

Non-Type Rated

      Transition Captains

      (Pilots with civil command experience)

      Minimum Total Flight Time:                                3000 hrs.
      Minimum Pilot -in -Command Flight Time :    500 hours on commercial multi-engine jets OR
                                                                                       1000 hours on commercial multi engine Turboprops.
      Maximum Age: 55 years.

      Senior Co-pilots

      (pilots with ATPL and civil experience)

      Minimum Total Flight Time:                               2500 hours.
      Minimum co-pilot flight time:                             1000 hours civil experience on Commercial Multi engine jets OR
                                                                                      1500 hourscivil experience on Commercial Multi Engine Turboprops.
      Maximum Age: 50 years.

      * Glass cockpit experience will be preferred

      Senior Co-pilots

      (pilots with ATPL and  NO civil experience)

      Minimum Total Flight Time                                2500 hours

      Minimum Pilot-in-command Time                   800 hours on transport category multi engine jets OR
                                                                                      1300 hours on transport category Multi Engine Turboprops
      Minimum experience on fighter jets                 2000 hours

      Maximum Age 50 years on the date of application

      *Pilots with Glass Cockpit experience will be preferred
       Pilots having experience only slightly below the required minimums can also apply. We will respond after reviewing their  qualifications.

    * Pilots must have current DGCA ATPL, FRTO, RTR, Class 1 Medical, valid ratings and an accident / incident-free record (last 3 years) at the time of application.
    * Candidates applying for A320 Co-pilot position can have a Current DGCA CPL.
    * Candidates possessing DGCA approval as A320 Check Pilot / Instructor/ Examiner on A320 and having a minimum 6 months recent experience in such capacity may be considered for such positions.


A320 Type Rated Expat Pilots

      Minimum Total Flight Time                                                         5000 hrs
      Minimum Total Pilot-in-Command   Flight Time       
                                                             (a). Multi-Engines                  2000 hrs
                                                             (b). A-320                                 500 hrs
      Minimum Total Flight Time in Glass Cockpit                          1000 hrs
      ICAO English language Proficiency                                          4 & above
      Maximum Age limitation                                                              63

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