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Engineering Students Must Have Mail Goggles - Gmail Labs

Sunday , Posted by AME at 11:19 AM

 Gmail Labs is the newest innovation in making your Google Life Easier.
Gmail now - Gmail labs features   
 To find links to all the new Gmail Labs featured in this list, visit the Gmail Labs Google Group.

   1. Custom date formats – Format your Gmail account to show custom times and dates in each email for easy reading accustomed to you.
   2. Email Addict – Block your email addiction with this new Gmail lab that freezes your Gmail screen and makes your invisible on Gmail chat for 15 minutes at a time.
   3. Undo Send – Undo sending an email a few seconds after sending it. You only have a few seconds though.
   4. Offline – Add this new lab to access your Gmail account when you can’t go online to check emails and homework assignments without having to find an Ethernet plug-in or wireless network. You can also access Gmail features offline.
   5. Tasks – Checking your email is an addictive habit. Add this new Gmail lab to keep you reminded of what you really need to be doing. Now you can have a to-do list right next to your inbox.
   6. Forgotten Attachment Detector – Forgetting attachments happens. Forget them no more with this handy little gadget to scan your email and ask if you meant to attach a document before you hit send.
   7. Quick Links – Add URL listings as a sidebar to your Gmail account from important emails. Gmail will add any bookmarkable URL to the sidebar for quick access.
   8. Create a Document – Create a Gmail document of your email conversation or open a blank document to type whatever you need on with the Create a Document lab.
   9. Hide Unread Counts – Feeling overwhelmed? Hide the number of unread emails lurking on the email menu.
  10. Google Docs gadget – A menu box to display all of your Google documents in one place to pull up quickly and easily.
  11. Canned Responses – Automatic responses for people who need to answer lots of commonly themed emails. Choose from a pull down menu of pre-programmed responses and send away.
  12. Default ‘Reply to all’ – Make “reply to all” your default reply response. No more individual emails for group projects.
  13. Quote selected text – Quote the text your select in your reply email with this Gmail lab.
  14. Send & Archive – One button will send your email and archive the conversation immediately.
  15. Navbar drag and drop – Reorder your menu bar to how you see fit. Pull those contacts up and drop down the chat or whatever.
  16. Fixed width font – Nothing is more annoying that random font changes. Keep your messages on a fixed width for paragraph breaks, double spacing and more.
  17. Custom keyboard shortcuts – Make your own Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Open your trash with a touch of the keyboard.
  18. Custom Label Colors – There are only so many colors you can use for folder labels. Make your own colors from now on.
  19. Mark as Read Button – Add a mark as read button to label emails instead of constantly going back and forth with the labels pull down menu.
  20. Go to label – A shortcut to go to labeled folders.
  21. Multiple In-boxes – Got a few Gmail accounts? Link them all together all on one window for easy viewing.
  22. Mouse gestures – Windows users can use their mouse to move to new conversations in a Gmail account. Move it a bit to the right, open a new conversation. Right click and open the previous conversation. Move up and go back to your inbox.
  23. Add any gadget by URL – Add whatever type of gadget to the left side of your Gmail account screen by adding the URL in the provided text box.
  24. Sender Time Zone – Wish you knew what time it was on the West Coast when you are going to school on the East Coast without having to think about it. This lab feature saves you the trouble by adding the time in each sender’s time zone as well as the time in your time zone.
  25. Right-side labels –Don’t like the leftie menu. Well, change it to the right side with this lab.
  26.Advanced IMAP Controls – “Choose which labels show up in IMAP, turn off message auto-expunging, or trash messages when they’re deleted from IMAP.”
  27. Vacation Time! – Let people know when you’ll be on vacation and when you are coming back with this autoresponse lab feature.
  28. Filter import/export – “Export your mail filters as a file: back them up, share them, or save them before deleting so you can restore them later. Import one of these files to quickly add or restore filters. These options become available under Settings/Filters when you enable this Lab.”
  29. Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat – Text message your friends and family from your Gmail chat account.
  30. Title Tweaks – Change the browser bar around to see how many new emails you have in your inbox first.
  31. Search Autocomplete – Automatic search completions for your Gmail account just like on Google search.
  32. Inserting images – Insert an image into the body of an email for easy viewing and sending.
  33. Signature tweaks – This Gmail lab adds your signature before the quoted text in a reply, and removes the “–” line that appears before signatures according to Gmail Labs.
  34. Random Signature – Love quotes? Add this lab and have rotating quotes in your email signature.
  35. Mail Goggles – A must have for any student. A drunk emailing guard for late night angry emails to professors that may be failing you, of course, for no reason.

Now that your life is easier with Gmail Labs, you can spend more time studying and less time replying to professor emails and going back and forth following emailed assignment instructions on important projects.

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