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Thursday , Posted by AME at 8:10 PM

Job Detail : B 737 NG TRI/TRE (India)

COMPANY:     Titan Aviation     DATE:     Jan 02, 2011
POSITION:     B 737 NG TRI/TRE (India)
DESCRIPTION:     Candidates interested in applying for this position should meet the following minimum requirements:

1) Current and valid B737 NG type rating
2) Total flying time of 4,500 hours
3) 2000 total PIC hours  with a minimum of 500 hrs Instructional
on type
4) Last flight on the B737 NG as a TRE/TRI must be within the
last 1 year
5) Candidates up to the age of 63 are welcome
6) No history of accidents or incidents
7) Contract term is 4 years and renewable

Interested send updated resumes to
Telephone:     No phone calls
Fax:     N/A
Mailing Address:     N/A

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