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Must See Aviation Movies: Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Saturday , Posted by AME at 4:05 AM

Men and Flying Machines-Tom Cruise
 Recently i watched the movie Top Gun starring Global Hero Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. The film delivered excellent sound track- "Take My Breath Away" in the opening is superb. Definitely a film best seen on big screen with 70mm and DTS sound. After watching movie i felt Top Gun is the best aviation movie ever made in terms of the actual flying sequences(aerial photography and real dog fighting scenes)

Further, an interest occupied in me to collect great aviation movies made on Men and Flying Machines. And guys, here is the list of movies on aviation worth to spend time and as being in aviation industry i feel that one should watch these best aviation movies ever made.

Watching is Believing it!

Coincidence: the airplane and the motion picture came into their own existence at nearly the same period of time. The Wright Flyer December 7,1903, Kitty Hawk,NC

"Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" (1965): The movie nicely convey just how magnificent flying truly was in the first decade of flight. beautiful scenery. early flying machines.

"Wings" (1927): Wings was awarded the first-ever Best Motion Picture Oscar in 1929. In the movie we can see a few World War I aircraft, including a Spad VII, a Fokker D.VII and an S.E.5a, also make appearances. Terrific flight sequences.

"Only Angels Have Wings" (1930): Daredevil spirit of the South American mail pilots of the 1930s.

"Spirit of St Louis" : Watch "The poetry & romance of aviation."

"Twelve O'clock High" (1949): Twelve O'clock High is of course about leadership and command more than it is about airplanes.

"Strategic Air Command" (1955): The aerial shots of the Convair B-36 and Boeing B-47 in Strategic Air Command are perhaps the most beautiful ever filmed.

"The Edge": Shots gorgeous flying in snowy peaks,music lilting score. Eye catching Stunning crash sequence."

"The Blue Max" (1966): The title of this film comes from the British nickname for the German medal awarded to First World War aces who scored a minimum of 20 ‘kills’.The Blue Max, the first (to my knowledge) WWI aviation film made in color.

"Battle of Britain" (1969): This film has collected together the greatest collection of Second World War aircraft ever marshalled for a movie.Great efforts were made to ensure that the film was authentic and real.

"No Highway In The Sky": Intellectual plotted suspense story on metal fatigue. Stewart and Deitrich keep it pleasurable to watch."

"The Bridges at Toko-Ri" (1954): A few films were made on the Korean war one to list is "Toko-Ri", was the first movie about the air war, followed four years later by "The Hunters".

“The Great Waldo Pepper” (1975): Great movie with great title even greater flying stunts. A tale of an American First World War pilot. Very watchable fun and excitement.

Below are my personal favorite Aviation Movies:

"October Sky": "A truly amazing movie". Lacking of inspiration? down and beaten hard? Then this is the movie you should and must watch for. Full of spirit, uplifting your emotions, very motivating and make feel to purse your dreams come true. Four high school students who taught themselves to build and fly real rockets.

"Top Gun": This movie is visual treat to watch.

"The Aviator": Leonard DiCaprio who here has the most challenging role of his career.This movie conveys the adrenalin excitement and social transformation of modern aviation.

"Pearl Harbor": "Pearl Harbor" cost $135M - and special effects have become breathtaking - Industrial Light & Magic once again produce visual miracles.

"Behind Enemy Lines"
: There are terrifically atmospheric shots of the aircraft carrier that is the crew’s base and some really exciting film of the F-18 Hornet that is their ‘mount’.

“Black Hawk Down” (2001): The film is a celebration of comradeship and heroism. Never have I seen a film which demonstrates so effectively the way combat troops and helicopters can be integrated as a fighting force.

: Worthy and entertaining film. World War One before the USA eventually entered the war.

"Flight of the Phoenix": After a plane crash in the Mongolian desert, survivors work together to build a new plane.

Hope, the collection of movies were encouraging and are pleasurable to watch.
If any, Please suggest your favorite aviation movies.

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