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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering BSc (Hons) is eligible for a STEM Scholarship of £4,500 and degree is recognised by European Aviation Law

Saturday , Posted by AME at 12:20 AM

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering BSc (Hons) degree offers excellent access to real aircraft experience. This AME degree is recognised by European Aviation Law, as detailed mentioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

The University of Glamorgan is a good place to study aircraft maintenance engineering course. At Glamorgan's a well balanced practical and theory based course for the licensed element and a professional engineering degree course for the BSc (Hons).

Benefits: Dedicated aircraft experience with real aircraft facilities. Complete engineering labs, full-size BAE Jet stream 31 commercial plane and an MP521 flight simulator. With aerospace study at Glamorgan, all costs are included in your standard course fees.

University of Glamorgan works with the International Centre for Aerospace Training (ICAT) to offer EASA Training, which means graduates of this aircraft maintenance engineering BSc (Hons) degree can achieve the license in just two years.

Career Options: Employment throughout UK and across the world, with manufacturing companies, commercial airlines, air-taxi operators, flying schools. EASA Part- 66 license qualifies its holders to be selected further aircraft-type authorisation before permitted to sign-off aircraft for flight.

This Course is eligible for a STEM scholarship of £4,500 over three years.

Glamorgan's BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course offers a good prospective future to become a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer.

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