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Best iPhone App For Aerospace|Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering Students: Explore The Mysteries of Universe on your iPhone

Sunday , Posted by AME at 11:51 PM

The NASA App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Are you in a mood of  Space Exploration? NASA has developed an iphone application NASA App HD for the iPad that will remain you online and in touch with space. At the touch of your screen unfold the hidden mysteries of the universe, access to all the answer the universe has to offer.

iPhone application NASA App HD by NASA combines all of your favorite NASA images, videos, missions and information into one, easy-to-use, application. It's available free of charge on the App Store from Apple directly on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad or within iTunes. WiFi or 3G network connection required, no flash is required for this iphone app.


• Thousands of images from NASA IOTD, APOD and
• On demand NASA Videos from around the agency
• Live Streaming of NASA TV
• Current NASA Mission Information
• Launch Information & Countdown clocks
• Current Visible Passes for the International Space Station (ISS)
• ISS and Earth Orbiting Satellite Tracker
• NASA Twitter Feeds from around the agency
• Facebook® Connect and Integrated Twitter™ client for easy sharing
• Map and links to all of the NASA centers
• Quick links to the NASA topic areas
• Featured content section

This iPhone App alone is almost worth the price of your iPad. (available free of charge on the App Store from Apple)

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