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An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AME) is a blend of mechanical aptitude and technical skills

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 An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is a person authorized to maintain and certify in written airworthiness standards of an aircraft. An AME should possess high degree of responsibility and accuracy of mechanical aptitude and technical skills to undertake such responsibility and uplift that kind of maintenance work on any aircraft.

AMEs Responsibilities: 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
  •  Certifying the airworthiness of airframe, piston and turbine engines, electrical/electronics systems, propellers and rotary systems
  • To carry out periodic inspections and troubleshooting aircraft structural, mechanical or electrical systems to identify problems
  • Repairing systems within the tolerance limits according to specifications, technical drawings, manuals and established procedures
  • Repairing and overhauling aircraft structural, mechanical or electrical systems
  • Installing or modifying aircraft engines, mechanical, hydraulic,electrical, flight control, fuel and pneumatic systems
  • Dismantling airframes, aircraft engines or other aircraft systems for repair, overhaul, inspection and reassembly
  • Supervising, performing and documenting routine maintenance
  • AMEs generally work regular office hours, but may sometimes work overtime hours when deadlines arise.
AMEs Personal Characteristics:
  •  Good eyesight and hearing
  •  Good observation skills and an ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and strong problem-solving skills
  •  Good hand-eye coordination along with accurate to the smallest details
  •  Good team work coordination and make decisions independently, often under pressure
  • A must physical fitness and stamina to work for extended period of times
  • The ability to get hold of situation and to follow instructions provided in written or blueprint form, and to interpret the same
  • Good management and organizational skills
  • A self motivator, a keen interest on latest trends in Aviation is appreciable
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers should be able to visualize problems in three dimensions form and have the knack of selecting the right kind of tools, equipments and machinery to perform task requiring high degree of precision, analyzing data and troubleshooting snags and organized methods for theirs work.

    AMEs Pay Check:

     An AME plays a vital role in engineering discipline in aviation organization and by virtue of big responsibilities involved in maintaining aircraft, an AME is high ranked, drawing excellent pay and perks (usually between$45,000 and $55,000 plus per year) and enjoying good facilities. A well structured career progression is ensured for an AME. With a type of rated license and experience, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer assumes very high positions like Chief Managers Maintenance Dept., Chief Manager Quality Control and General Managers, and finally can be positioned as a Head of the Engineering services and they receive pay between $120,000 and $145,000 plus per year.
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