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Best Holiday Season Gift for All Aviation Enthusiasts - Ding Duck

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 9:56 AM

  The Best Christmas Gift you will Present to yourself or to your dear one's this season is
this book that will delight anyone with an interest in Aviation: Full Power Ding Duck

Poor Ding! He’s a duck who just wants to fly, but can’t seem to get it. All aviators can relate to Ding’s misadventures… we’ve all made mistakes, done it tough, had our pitfalls.
What Ding teaches us is: never give up. Should we feel sorry for Ding? I rather feel sorry for his flying instructor!
Ding Duck is just one character in Gary Clark’s “Swamp” cartoon world. In “Full Power Ding Duck” Gary as brought us a collection of over 250 cartoon strips featuring the aviation world and a bird-brained hazard.

Buy it for yourself, or as a present for the aviator in your life. You will love it!
From the preface:
For someone who can’t fly it’s amazing the places Ding Duck finds himself in the Aviation world. He’s a perpetual student having logged over 5,987 flying lessons without once ever taking off. Yet you can find him on countless Flying School walls. His every attempt to fly ends in a mishap or disaster but he has featured in official Air Safety campaigns. He fails all his flight theory exams but he appears in textbooks.

His determination to get airborne despite the struggles, pitfalls and setbacks is what every aviator can relate to. Ding Duck is a reflection of the realities of the irony, pain and love of aviation, which can cause endless frustration to most pilots; yet despite all this we, like Ding, keep coming back for more.

To learn more about Ding and his friends, and to buy this book, visit Gary at his fabulous website, You can also view his cartoon archive and register for a free Swamp cartoon to be delivered to your email inbox every day.
Full Power Ding Duck
Publisher: Swamp Productions
ISBN: 978-0-9803971-0-9
Pages: 128
Age Group: all

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