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Amy Johnson the First Woman to fly solo from England to Australia

Monday , Posted by AME at 9:54 AM

1930: Amy Johnson - Queen of the Skies

Born in England, Amy Johnson was one of the most courageous pilots of her time. She set many records, including being the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia, in 1930.

Amy set many other records, both by herself and with her aviator husband Jim Mollison.

Here is some movie footage about Amy…

Amy Johnson and her Gypsy Moth aircraft
Amy Johnson and her Gypsy Moth aircraft, in India, 1930. She called her plane “Jason”.

Amy Johnson

    1929: Pilot’s licence
    1929: Ground Engineer licence
    (first woman in UK)
    1930: England to Australia
    (first woman, solo)
    1931: London to Moscow(first in 1 day)
    1931: England to Japan(record)
    1932: London to Capetown, South Africa (solo record)
    1934: England to India (record, with JM)
    1936: England to South Africa (solo record)
    1939-41: Air Transport Command pilot incomplete

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