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Procedure to Convert Foreign Pilot License To Indian Pilot License

Thursday , Posted by AME at 8:41 AM

First obtain a computer number.Download the form to get Computer number click here. After completing the DGCA form mail this form to the following address:

After you obtain the computer number you can now answer exams. You also need to have Class 1 Medical done for converting your foreign license.

To obtain a class 1 medical you need to have a class 2 medical first.
click here for class 2 examiners list.
Already have a class 2 medical click here for class 1 medical examination centers.
Class 1 medical Form click here
You also need to have a Valid medical of the country you are flying. For Pilots getting trained in the USA First Class Medical is Must.

Now you need to pass 2 papers or 3 papers of dgca exams depends on you.
Air-Regulations is one of the paper to be answered and the second paper is Composite it is a combination of METEOROLOGY AND NAVIGATION. (choose individually). To eligible  for a composite paper you should be a CPL License Holder.
These papers are valid for a period of 30 months after the results.
Pilot Exam Form click here to download and mail it to the above address given.

Out of all this the the most important License to be obtained is the RTA(A) orWPC RTR(A) or COP. WPC RTR(A) exam Form Download click here
WPC RT(A) licence is valid for Five Years.
Visit WPC site click here

After you have passed all this you need to Have a Morse code certificate and a CA39 form of last six months a CA39 form of last five years filled to submit with the other documents and also do remember to get your 10+12 certificates verified that is a verification certificate from the concerned here to download CA39 blank form

Now you need to follow this flow chart for remaining process.

please read this flow chart carefully.
click here for the flow chart

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