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Looking for a Aviation Jobs in Aviation Industry. Never go to an Interview Unprepared again!

Monday , Posted by AME at 2:45 AM

 Key Elements for  an Aviation Careers in today's Aviation Industry:

"Take charge of your future today"
the aviation industry offers career opportunity to suite many interests and backgrounds. As aviation remains an integral part of our society, there is a growing need for qualified maintenance personnel.

"Plan for you're future". 
very reason many enter into aviation industry dreaming big, but in the process they end up a looser(serious tone).this statement more applicable to students of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License.
AS in my earlier articles i said AME is not exiting nor as glamor as other Aviation careers. So  in the process many aircraft maintenance engineering students lacks the interest and zeal as it was in the beginning of their career.

Here listed 
Things for successful  Aviation Careers:

Know what to expect ... Be Who You Want To Be
keep an early bird view on your career

Know what airlines really look for ...
keep updating on industry news

Know where to find the jobs ...
know the right place and be at right time to capture your big dream

Never go to an interview unprepared ...
know your basics

know the application process ...
know the knowledge of applying knowledge at the right time and at right place ...  keep busy in touch with right aviation consultancy

know the attitude ...
keep professionalism and be fast learner.
particularly aircraft maintenance engineers and aviation mechanic. A slight negligence from you side results great loss in lives

One of the most important skills that a maintenance engineer must develop is the skill to ignore those things that were designed by non-pilots to get the pilot's attention.

Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory... in other words, for every take-off, there WILL be a landing.

Keep looking around; there's always something you've missed.

Fuel in the tanks is limited. Gravity is forever.

Never trust a fuel gauge.

"Remember, you’re always a student in an airplane."

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  1. titus says:

    Thanks for sharing... I also found my job online just a few years ago and it's nice to have posts like this. I will forward your link to my friends too.

    Aviation Jobs

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