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Google in a bid to enter the airfare market. ITA the travel software company is sold to the internet mogul for $700m

Monday , Posted by AME at 9:26 PM

 Google - the internet mogul said it will create new search platforms, where it makes customers more easier to find the right ticket at the right price by using ITA's data on flight times and fares to do this."What we're going to do is build new flight search tools that focus on end-users,"said Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO.He added that the company wishes to bring clarity to the confusion of buying on-line flight tickets which contribute to about half of all tickets sold."We think we can drive even more business to airlines and do something quite different than what's out there."

"Our goal is to build a tool that drives more traffic to airline and online travel agency sites where customers can purchase tickets," the company said.

ITA specialises in organizing airline data, including flight times, availability and prices.

Bing, Kayak, Orbitz and TripAdvisor are among ITA's present customers and Google said it looked forward to working with them and will "honor all existing agreements".

Google vice president Marissa Mayer said nearly half of all airline tickets are now sold online and Google said requests for travel-related information are among the highest-volume queries received at the search engine.

Interesting part is Google will not sell air tickets to customers!

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