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Airbus A380 WOW! The World's only twin-deck, two-decaisle Airliner,Largest Aircraft makes first Commercial Landing in India

Thursday , Posted by AME at 10:18 PM

The Indira Gandhi International Airpot Terminal 3 has witnessed the largest aircraft of the world, the airbus A380 first commercial landing. T3 terminal is A380-compatible runway and passenger boarding bridges.

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Here on Thursday at IGI Airport rain held up the landing for about half an hour.Aircraft supposed to land at 255 p.m., landed at roughly 3.35 p.m.

An Emirates official said: “We organised this flight to promote the A380 in India and give an idea to people about what it is like.” However, India will have to wait before Emirates commences regular A380 operations in the country as the airline has no such immediate plans.

Incidentally, it was the Kingfisher Airlines which first flew in the A380 to India in 2007.

The A380, which is the world's only twin-deck, two-aisle airliner, is to be less polluting to the environment compared to other aircraft of same cader. It offers better fuel economy per passenger mile than most hybrid passenger cars and also produces less noise.

The aircraft has two decks. The business and first class seats are on the upper deck of the Emirates A380 while economy seats are on the lower or main deck.

Happy AME!

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