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Aircraft Maintenance Technician Jobs

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 6:59 AM

Aviation Jobs : Aircraft Maintenance Technician

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Job Title:  Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Location:     ST. LOUIS Missouri USA

Job Desc:    
Reporting to the Manager of Aircraft Maintenance, the successful candidate will perform aircraft maintenance functions as necessary to supply airworthy aircraft for flight operations in accordance with FAA regulations, company policies and procedures. Regular interaction with Flight Operations personnel is required along with communicating with industry related vendors related to the servicing and operation of company aircraft.  The position is based at our flight department hangar located at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO.

Duties / Accountabilities:

    Maintain, inspect, and repair company aircraft with minimal direct supervision
    Perform preflight and post flight duties as required to meet company flight schedules
    Perform troubleshooting tasks without direct supervision in a manner that demonstrates familiarity with aircraft systems and components, returning aircraft to service in a cost effective manner
    Complete all routine paperwork associated with the accomplishment and tracking of maintenance activities on company aircraft
    Read and comprehend manufacturer’s technical publications, FAA directives, computerized maintenance tracking data, Minimum Equipment Lists, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins as required to perform aircraft maintenance activities
    Perform required data uploads and downloads to aircraft and engine systems
    Assist crew members and passengers during departure and arrival of company aircraft
    Maintain shop/hangar tools and equipment
    Work as a team member to accomplish department objectives
    Perform additional duties as assigned by the Manager of Aircraft Maintenance

Position Requirements:

    Valid FAA Airframe and Powerplant certification
    3 plus years of experience as an A&P Technician working on aircraft of the category and class operated
    5 years corporate aviation experience is preferred
    Willing to work rotating shifts and / or flexible hours, weekends and holidays as required to support aircraft flight schedules
    Ability to travel for the purpose of training and in support of aircraft away from home base
    Basic PC skills
    Ability to obtain and maintain a valid U.S. passport and required airport security clearance
    Ability to communicate effectively with others – both conversationally and in writing
    Requires intermittent periods during which continuous physical exertion is required, such as walking, standing, climbing, lifting material or equipment, some of which may be heavy or awkward
    Own/provide personal tools required to complete various aircraft maintenance tasks

Address: 701 Market Street
St. Louis

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