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Remote-Controlled Car that can turn into a Robot (Transformers)

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 11:20 AM

Remote-Controlled Car Transformer

 Zak Sawa (site ZakLab) great amateur roboticist, alerted a project "Made in Japan" which seems to have finally turned into reality the dream of all fans of 
Transformers: a remote-controlled robot that can turn into a car. 

This amazing little roadster switches from sports car to dancing robot in a few seconds and it can even walk while in robot mode. The creator of this masterpiece is that Kenji Ishida has used as many as 22 servants to move her child. What we can see in the video is the eighth "release" of this project started about 4 years ago and the creator is expecting to make more over the next year. It is, in short, amazing..

The original video was posted a couple of days ago the Japanese video-sharing site NicoNico.

via HobbyMedia

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