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Top Ways to Bulid a Aviation Resume

Sunday , Posted by AME at 9:35 AM

Aviation Resume Builder

 Top 10 Resume Builder to Build a Flying Aviation Resume

Always prepare your Resume as per industry standards. As Aviation industry itself is fast-paced industry where everyday there is upgrade of new advancement in technology.

Though the traditional word-based resume is still as popular as ever, still if you'd like to stand out from the crowd there are a number of new Resume builder technology options for you to consider.

Now, simply having a LinkedIn profile is almost considered as 'Old Hat'.

Below is a list of new world of Resume Building and sharing free of charge

Social Resumes



Zerply is one of the more high profile socially-shaped resume and career sites going around. In fact, Zerply makes a point of telling new users that it is ‘killing the resume’ by showcasing your work in a more interactive and engaging manner. It features all of the social elements you’d expect including the ability to follow people, access a news stream and analyse stats.

2. ResumUP

The first of two Facebook-powered apps, ResumUP wants to make your ‘social profile visual’. Of the two options you’re given (Facebook or LinkedIn), the latter will give you the most professional looking account of your history. And they’re not kidding about the visual aspect, it can make anyone’s work experience look hot!


Yes, BranchOut is technically more a ‘network’ than a plain old resume builder option but it allows you to create a profile which features everything that is wonderful (or not) about you.

4. LinkedIn Resume Builder

LinkedIn have been quietly developing this functionality as an add-on to the main site. It literally takes your profile information and formats it in traditionally-styled word-based resume. If you are after consistency across the web, this is possibly the one for you.


Visual Resume Builders

New ways to Build a Digital Aviation Resume



This is one of the more robust options out there thanks to its powerful interface. It also features all of the most up-to-date social sharing links so you can get yourself noticed too. Other key features include job search and notification functionality, a cover letter builder, stats and insights and adjustable templates.

6. is one of the more popular resume builder sites thanks to is simple user experience.


The most exciting element of ResumeBear is its real-time tracing capability which can give you a sense of how popular your resume is. It can even tell you who opened your resume so you can reach out to them while the iron is hot. You can access your resume dashboard via your mobile phone (iPhone and Android).


This is quite similar to ResumeBear in that it provides you with a complete build and track solution. You have a number of design options with DoYourBuzz and it is also optimised for SEO visibility (but then again you should expect this benefit as standard for services like these).


Mobile Resumes

Mobile Resume Builder


9. Infinity resume app (for iPhone)

The Infinity Resume Builder (iPhone app) essentially brings basic resume creation capabilities to your mobile. It features a series of drop-down menus to help you create your ‘on-the-go’ work experience snapshot.



New Ways to Build a Digital Aviation Resume

10. The Facebook Timeline Edition Resume

One of the more unique and VERY new ways to illustrate your career history is by creating a Facebook timeline edition of your resume. While it may not be the most natural way of showcasing your career, the chronological timeline display and ability to back-date milestones works pretty well.

These were some collection of Resume Builder, which might help you to prepare a unique resume

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