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Saturday , Posted by AME at 5:03 AM

AME Stream -Mechanical

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Job Description

Experience -10-20 years

Position – AME Stream Mechanical

Key responsibilities

. Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to helicopter airframes and engines as well as related systems and components in accordance with approved procedures.
2. Carry out rectification of defects and perform minor modifications etc. in accordance with the privileges of his licence/authorization.
3. Sign the inspection schedule / work sheet promptly after completion of work.
4. Issue  of  Certificate  of  Release  to  Service/ flight test report as applicable under the scope of his licence.
5. Ensure before start of work that all tools / equipments are serviceable and check that calibration of the same is carried out at regular intervals as specified in MOE / Relevant publications.
6. Ensure that tools and equipment are satisfactorily maintained, either directly or by the delegation of duties to appropriate technicians.
7. Ensure that rules and regulations issued by DGCA concerning with safety and airworthiness requirements are complied with.
8. It would be the responsibility of the AME to ensure that all spares used are from approved source.
9. He will make the necessary entries in the work schedule / work sheet / log cards and make entries in the log book and sign thereof.
10. He is responsible to raise all the necessary documents as per prevailing procedures  / practices of  the organisation in order to assist  in  proper  and  timely
11. Administer on-the-job training to unlicensed technicians in the organisation and perform other duties assigned by the QM through the Engineering Manager.
12. Supervise fuelling/de-fuelling of aircraft and observe safety precautions and fire preventive measures.
13. Perform surveillance inspection activities as per the QC instruction.
14. AMEs will be issued with a 'Specific Approval' by the QM for specific activities, for example electric hoist operation, surveillance inspection etc.

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